WB12D4 | 12" Wild Beast Car Audio Subwoofer, 2400W, Dual 4ohms, Single

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WB12D4 | 12" Wild Beast Car Audio Subwoofer, 2400W, Dual 4ohms, Single

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  • Model Number: WB12D4

  • Size: 12 in.

  • RMS/Peak Power: 1200W / 2400W

  • Die Cast Aluminium Basket

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-500Hz

  • SPL at 1W / 1m: 87 dB

  • Mounting Depth: 7.52 in.

  • Voice Coil: Dual 3” High Temperature Black Aluminum Voice Coils




  1. Powerful and Versatile Bass: The WB12D4 Subwoofer is a 12-inch dual 4-ohm speaker that delivers impressive bass performance, providing deep, impactful bass for a wide range of music genres and audio applications.
  2. Premium Construction: Crafted with a non-pressed black paper cone and a high roll high-strength foam surround, this subwoofer ensures accurate and distortion-free bass reproduction while maintaining durability for long-lasting performance.
  3. Advanced Voice Coil Technology: Equipped with dual 3-inch high-temperature black aluminum voice coils, the WB12D4 Subwoofer offers exceptional power handling and thermal stability, allowing it to handle high volumes and deliver dynamic and punchy bass.
  4. Optimized Motor Structure: The FEA-optimized high BL (Force Factor) motor structure enhances the subwoofer's performance by improving power transfer and magnet strength, resulting in precise bass response and enhanced overall sound quality.
  5. Dual Magnets with Rubber Boot: Featuring dual magnets with a rubber boot, the WB12D4 Subwoofer offers efficient motor cooling and protection, ensuring prolonged playtime and optimal performance even under demanding conditions.
  6. Precision Engineering: With a die-cast aluminum frame and dual composite cotton conex spiders, this subwoofer is built with precision and attention to detail, ensuring stability, durability, and accurate cone motion for exceptional bass reproduction.
  7. Wide Frequency Response: The WB12D4 Subwoofer boasts a frequency response range of 20 to 500 Hz, allowing it to reproduce deep, low frequencies as well as the subtle nuances of bass notes, resulting in a well-balanced and immersive audio experience.
  8. Flexible Installation Options: The dual voice coil configuration provides flexibility in wiring options, allowing compatibility with various audio systems and setups, making it easier to integrate the subwoofer into your car audio setup.

The WB12D4 Subwoofer delivers powerful and versatile bass performance, making it an ideal choice for car audio enthusiasts and music lovers seeking enhanced low-frequency reproduction. With its premium construction, advanced voice coil technology, and optimized motor structure, this subwoofer ensures impressive bass response and exceptional sound quality. Whether you're looking to upgrade your car audio system or create a more immersive listening experience, the WB12D4 Subwoofer will elevate your audio journey to new heights.

Reshaping the Bass Realm, Unleashing the Music Fury: Introducing Cadence Beastly Subwoofers

Welcome to Cadence Sound, home to our prestigious Beast Series Subwoofers: BM, WB, and BT. Experience the extraordinary as we present you with an unrivaled audio journey. Regardless of your budget, indulge in the captivating realm of bass with our Beast Series. Join us as we explore these exhilarating monsters that immerse you in irresistible depths.

【BM Series: Beast Master】

  1. Ferocious bass, an awe-inspiring monster experience: The BM Series delivers the most powerful and profound bass encounter to date, immersing you completely in its embrace.
  2. Powerful power handling capability: With peak power handling of up to 5000 watts, the BM Series effortlessly drives your music, producing heart-pounding soundscapes.
  3. Non-pressed black paper cone: The unique cone material ensures exceptional dynamics and responsiveness, ensuring ultimate precision in bass reproduction.
  4. High-density foam surround material: Delivering outstanding control and balanced sound quality, each note is rendered with clarity and precision.
  5. High-power 4-layer flat wire dual voice coil: Utilizing advanced coil design, the BM Series achieves lower distortion and higher efficiency, preserving sonic purity.
  6. Advanced aluminum basket and dual 160oz Y35 magnets motor: The robust basket provides stable mechanical support, while the powerful motor ensures exceptional drive.

【WB Series: Wild Beast】

  1. Dominant and precise bass performance: The WB Series presents deep, powerful bass while maintaining exceptional audio accuracy, bringing your music to life.
  2. High-quality cone and foam surround material: Featuring non-pressed black paper cone and high-density foam surround material, the WB Series achieves outstanding dynamic response and sound balance.
  3. 3-inch black aluminum voice coil: With high current transfer capability, it delivers lower distortion and higher efficiency, providing a clear and impactful sonic experience.
  4. Advanced magnet system and aluminum basket: The powerful magnet motor delivers impactful bass response, while the sturdy basket provides stable mechanical support.

【BT Series: Beast】

  1. Unbeatable value, outstanding performance: The BT Series offers beast-level bass performance at an affordable price, allowing you to enjoy impactful music even with budget constraints.
  2. Powerful bass response and audio quality: With a reinforced ultra-stiff paper composite cone and premium Butyl rubber surround material, the BT Series delivers powerful dynamic response and exceptional sound quality.
  3. Efficient 3-inch black aluminum voice coil: Through optimized coil design, the BT Series provides superior current transfer capability, delivering pure and detailed audio reproduction.
  4. Unique heat dissipation technology and robust basket: Advanced heat dissipation technology ensures consistent performance and prolongs lifespan, while the sturdy basket provides reliable mechanical support.

These beast-level Subwoofer Series provide an irresistible bass experience. Whether you have an unlimited budget and opt for the BM Series, consider the BT Series for budget-conscious consumers, or choose the WB Series for a balanced option in between, Cadence Sound's monster-level sound quality is guaranteed to redefine your music experience!

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Size 12″
Impedance (ohm) Dual 4 ohm
Cone Material Non-Pressed Black Paper
Surround Material Foam
Voice Coil 3” Black Aluminum
Ideal Sealed Box Volume (cu ft / liter) 1.5 / 42.4
Ideal Ported Box Volume (cu ft / liter) 2.25 / 63.71
Port Diameter (inch / mm) 4 / 101.6
Port Length (inch / mm) 9.6 / 258.4
Dual Voice Coil Yes
Sensitivity (1W / 1m) 87 dB
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 500 Hz
RMS (Watts) 1200
Peak Power Handling (Watts) 2400
Mounting Depth (inch / mm) 7.44 / 189 -- (7.52 / 191 on UM)
Vas (cu ft / liter) 6 ohm: 1.21 / 34.2378
Resonant Frequency (Hz) 6 ohm: 32.7876
QTS (Hz) 6 ohm: 0.4781
Xmax (inch / mm) 6 ohm: 0.728 / 18.5

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