SQA250.2 | 250W, 2 Channel, Class D Amplifier @2/4ohms

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SQA250.2 | 250W, 2 Channel, Class D Amplifier @2/4ohms

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  • Model number: SQA250.2

  • Channel / class: 2 / D

  • RMS power at 2 ohm-14.4V: 125W x 2

  • RMS power at 4 ohm-14.4V: 80W x 2

  • Bridged power at 4 ohm-14.4V: 250W x 1

  • Fuse rating: 20A x2

  • Dimensions (inch): 7.87(w) x 1.9(h) x 7.3(d)

  • Dimensions (mm): 200(w) x 48(h) x 185(d)




  • Explore endless musical wonders and fill your yacht journey with joy and rhythm!
  • Elevate your yachting experience to new heights with the SQA250.2 Marine Amplifier! Set sail for a summer filled with endless joy and exhilaration on your yacht with the SQA250.2 Marine Amplifier by Cadence Sound. This extraordinary amplifier is your ticket to a season of pure bliss, delivering unrivaled audio performance that will transform your entire summer into a symphony of happiness.
  • Prepare to be awestruck by the immense power of the SQA250.2 Marine Amplifier. With an impressive RMS power output of 125 watts x 2 at 2 ohms and 80 watts x 2 at 4 ohms, this amplifier unleashes a tidal wave of sound that will captivate everyone onboard. Its exceptional THD rating of less than 0.05% ensures pristine audio reproduction, allowing you to immerse yourself in music with unrivaled clarity and precision.
  • Experience an audio revelation as the SQA250.2 Marine Amplifier drowns out the noise of the world with its superior signal-to-noise ratio of over 96dB. Let the crystal-clear melodies wash over you, transporting you to a realm of sonic perfection. With its array of versatile features, including selectable low pass filters (50Hz to 150Hz), high pass filters (50Hz to 150Hz), and adjustable input gain sensitivity, you have the power to shape your sound to perfection, delivering an audio experience tailored to your every desire.
  • The SQA250.2 Marine Amplifier is engineered to conquer the challenging marine environment. Its conformal coating provides exceptional resistance against corrosion, ensuring its longevity and reliability in both freshwater and saltwater conditions. With this amplifier onboard, you can navigate the seas with confidence, knowing that your music will never falter.
  • Take full control of your auditory voyage with the true audio volume control and convenient remote control. Seamlessly adjust the volume and immerse yourself in the music as you cruise along the coastline or anchor in secluded bays. The selectable LP/HP or full range filter mode allows you to customize your sound to suit your preferences. Additionally, the thermal/overload and speaker short protection, LED power and protection indicators, and soft turn-on circuit provide peace of mind and ensure a smooth and reliable operation of your audio system.
  • Your safety and the protection of your audio system are paramount. The SQA250.2 Marine Amplifier is equipped with thermal/overload and speaker short protection, along with LED power and protection indicators. Feel secure as you revel in the music, knowing that your amplifier is safeguarded. The soft turn-on circuit guarantees a smooth and reliable startup, while the durable metal mounting feet and stainless steel screws ensure a secure installation, even in the face of turbulent waters.
  • Prepare to embark on a yachting journey like no other with the SQA250.2 Marine Amplifier. Let Cadence Sound elevate your yachting experience, transforming every moment onboard into a symphony of joy. Embrace the magic of music and let your summer voyage become an extraordinary odyssey brimming with everlasting memories. Don't miss this opportunity to make your summer truly unforgettable. Choose the SQA250.2 Marine Amplifier and let the melodies ignite your soul!

Ignite the Passion for Music in the Summer Blue Seas with the SQA Series Marine Amplifier!

For those adventurous souls chasing the summer sun on the blue seas, we have infused the magic of music into Cadence Sound's SQA Series Marine Amplifier. Whether you're enjoying a refreshing melody on the deck of your yacht or immersing yourself in pure audio bliss in the cozy lounge area, the SQA Series Marine Amplifier will create an unforgettable musical journey for your time at sea.

To conquer the challenges posed by saltwater and sunlight, the SQA Series Marine Amplifier is equipped with an outstanding corrosion-resistant coating, ensuring its long-lasting reliability even in freshwater and marine environments. What's more, with its unique true audio volume control and remote control features, you can adjust the music's volume anytime, anywhere, creating the perfect ambiance and immersing yourself and your friends in the exhilarating rhythm of the waves.

The SQA Series Marine Amplifier delivers exceptional power performance, providing clear and powerful sound that traverses the ocean on your yacht, leaving a breathtaking impact. Whether you're on the open deck or in the comfortable interior areas, you'll feel the transmission of this powerful audio, making your journey at sea brim with passion and rhythm, becoming the perfect melody of summer.

In addition to its outstanding power performance, the SQA Series Marine Amplifier boasts various features, including selectable low-pass and subsonic filters, adjustable bass boost, selectable phase and slope ranges, and adjustable input gain sensitivity. These features allow you to fine-tune the audio according to your preferences, creating the ultimate music experience where every melody intertwines with the sea breeze, adding more excitement to your yacht journey.

We understand the importance of your voyage at sea, which is why the SQA Series Marine Amplifier has been meticulously designed with premium materials and durable construction. Equipped with stainless steel screws and a sturdy metal base, it ensures long-term use and reliability. Integrate Cadence Sound's SQA Series Marine Amplifier into your yacht, making music your ultimate companion at sea, injecting endless musical joy into your summer journey. Under the warm sun, accompanied by music and the rhythm of the waves, ignite beautiful memories throughout the entire summer. Choose the SQA Series Marine Amplifier now and infuse your yacht with the power and magic of music!

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RMS power at 2 ohm (watts x channel) 125 x 2
RMS power at 4 ohm (watts x channel) 80 x 2
Bridged power at 4 ohm (watts x channel) 250 x 1
Minimum impedance unbridged 2
THD at rated RMS power Less than 0.05%
Signal to noise ratio >96 dB


Amplifier Class D
Low pass filter 50 – 150 Hz
High pass filter 50 – 150 Hz
Fuse rating 20A x 2
Speaker level input RCA
Width (inch / mm) 7.87 / 200
Height (inch / mm) 1.9 / 48
Depth (inch / mm) 7.3 /185

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