PXW15X8 | 15" Pro X Pro Audio Woofer, 1200W, 8ohms, Single

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PXW15X8 | 15" Pro X Pro Audio Woofer, 1200W, 8ohms, Single

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Product Highlight:

  • Size: 15 in.

  • RMS/Peak Power: 600/1200 Watts

  • Frequency Response: 33Hz-3KHz

  • SPL@ 1w/1m: 94dB

  • Mounting Depth: 6.46 inches

  • Voice Coil: 3″ VC

  • Magnet: 72 oz




  1. Embrace the Power of Bass: Introducing the PXW 15X4 and PXW 15X8 from the Cadence Sound subwoofer series. These commanding subwoofers redefine the essence of low-frequency sound, providing an unparalleled audio experience.
  2. Unmatched Performance, Supreme Craftsmanship: Boasting a 15-inch kevlar reinforced black paper cone, the PXW 15X4 and PXW 15X8 deliver precise and potent bass performance. The treated cloth accordion surround enhances sound dispersion while ensuring durability, making every beat a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Engineering Excellence, Sonic Prowess: Equipped with a 3-inch high-temperature CCAW voice coil on a til bobbin, the PXW 15X4 and PXW 15X8 demonstrate remarkable thermal handling capabilities. With 500 watts of RMS power and a peak power handling of 1000 watts, these subwoofers captivate listeners with their awe-inspiring musicality.
  4. Expansive Frequency Response: Covering an impressive range from 33Hz to 4KHz, the PXW 15X4 and PXW 15X8 bring a profound depth to your music, offering an extraordinary auditory journey. Experience the soul-stirring bass notes, and let your senses immerse in the resounding melodies.
  5. Robust Build, Effortless Installation: Featuring a heavy-duty stamped metal basket, these subwoofers are engineered for long-lasting reliability. The composite cotton conex spider ensures optimal stability, providing smooth and seamless operation even at high volumes.
  6. Seamless Integration, Limitless Auditory Exploration: Available in 4 or 8 ohm impedance options, the PXW 15X4 and PXW 15X8 effortlessly integrate into your audio setup. Their installation-friendly design allows for a hassle-free setup, inviting you to explore the depth and richness of the low-frequency realm.
  7. Discover the True Depth of Sound: The PXW 15X4 and PXW 15X8 from the Cadence Sound subwoofer series redefine the art of bass reproduction. Unleash the true potential of your music, and let the low frequencies transport you to a realm of unmatched musicality. Elevate your audio experience to new heights with these remarkable subwoofers!
  8. Cadence Sound Pro-X Series - PXM and PXW, Redefining Your Automotive Audio Experience!

    Dear esteemed car owners, when your pursuit of music reaches the pinnacle of enjoyment, we wholeheartedly present to you the Cadence Sound Pro-X Series! This is the epitome of automotive speakers, featuring two exceptional series - PXM and PXW, delivering superb mid-range and astounding low-end performance, elevating your journey to a realm of enriched experiences and immersing you in the ocean of music like never before.

    PXM Series - Refined Mid-Range, Endless Possibilities We take immense pride in the design of our PXM Series, engineered with 6.5-inch and 8-inch treated paper cones that boast specially reinforced Kevlar paper material and surround technology, producing an unparalleled natural and refined sound. Its rich vocal performance and clear instrument rendition bring forth an incredibly authentic and emotive audio experience. The high-temperature CCAW voice coil ensures exceptional sound quality and durability, taking your music encounters to new heights.

    PXW Series - Thrilling Low-End, Heart-Pounding Impact The PXW Series is synonymous with awe-inspiring bass. Available in various sizes: 10-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch treated paper cones, coupled with an outstanding magnetic steel structure, this series delivers the ultimate low-frequency impact. The specially reinforced Kevlar paper cone, combined with spider design, enhances the dynamic and responsive bass, setting your heart racing. The high-temperature CCAW voice coil and TIL structure ensure sustained high-volume performance, delivering a bass extravaganza beyond imagination.

    Moreover, the Pro-X Series speakers are built with premium baskets, guaranteeing stability and reliability, while the meticulously designed suspension brings life to the speakers, delivering a more genuine musical performance.

    Cadence Sound Pro-X Series, expertly tuned to ensure seamless synergy between each speaker's sound and performance, allows you to embrace the passion of music during every journey.

    We look forward to providing you with an innovative music experience, as the Pro-X Series speakers accompany you on every adventure, bringing the passion and power of music to light up your every day! Upgrade your automotive audio system and let the magic of music illuminate your life!

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