CMW124D | 12" Car Audio Subwoofer, 800W, Dual 4ohms, Single

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CMW124D | 12" Car Audio Subwoofer, 800W, Dual 4ohms, Single

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  • Model Number: CMW124D

  • Size: 12 in.

  • RMS/MAX Power: 400W / 800W

  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 1.8 kHz

  • SPL at 1W / 1m: 91 dB

  • Mounting Depth: 5.55 in.

  • Voice Coil: 2 in.




  1. Powerful Bass Performance: The CMW124D speaker features a 12-inch black matte finish pressed paper cone and high excursion butyl rubber surround, delivering powerful and deep bass performance. You'll enjoy rich and impactful low frequencies.
  2. High-Efficiency Voice Coil Technology: Equipped with a 2-inch high-temperature aluminum voice coil, the CMW124D ensures efficient power handling and excellent heat management. The design and material of the voice coil ensure outstanding sound reproduction, providing clear and dynamic audio performance.
  3. Premium Manufacturing Quality: The CMW124D features a linear Conex spider with stitched tinsel leads, providing precise cone control and excellent mechanical stability. The 3D poly injected dust cap increases rigidity, enhancing the detail and clarity of the audio.
  4. Oversized Magnet Motor Assembly: With an oversized magnet motor assembly, the CMW124D delivers powerful and dynamic sound performance. The magnet motor assembly enhances the magnet efficiency of the speaker, ensuring accuracy and control of cone movement.
  5. Enhanced Connectivity: The CMW124D features nickel-plated spring-loaded terminals, offering reliable and secure connection options for your audio system. These terminals ensure optimal electrical contact, minimizing signal loss and providing consistent and high-quality audio performance.
  6. Wide Frequency Response: The CMW124D has a frequency response range of 30 Hz - 1.8 kHz, covering a wide range of audio frequencies, delivering clear and balanced sound performance. From low frequencies to high frequencies, you'll enjoy detailed and accurate audio reproduction.
  7. Impressive Specifications: The CMW124D boasts 91 dB sensitivity, 400 watts of RMS power handling, and 800 watts of peak power handling. These specifications highlight the speaker's ability to handle high-power input and deliver powerful and dynamic audio performance.
  8. Easy Installation: With a mounting depth of 5.55 inches (141 mm), the CMW124D is suitable for various speaker enclosures. Its sturdy design and compact form ensure convenient integration into your audio system without compromising performance.

CMW Series

CMW Series offers a range of exceptional car subwoofers for your vehicle's audio system. These speakers combine high-performance materials and advanced design to deliver outstanding sound quality and bass effects. Suitable for various music genres, from pop to electronic, hip-hop, and rock, the CMW Series provides a thrilling music experience. With durable materials and meticulously tuned sound, the CMW Series becomes the perfect addition to your car audio system.

  1. Powerful Bass Effects: CMW Series speakers feature high-excursion butyl rubber surrounds and linear Conex spiders, delivering powerful bass effects. Whether it's the deep tones of classic bass instruments or bass-heavy music, the CMW Series captivates your senses with exceptional sound quality and detail.
  2. High-Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil: CMW Series speakers are equipped with high-temperature aluminum voice coils, allowing the speakers to maintain stable performance even in high-temperature environments. This design ensures reliability, durability, and delivers clear, accurate sound performance.
  3. Premium Materials and Aesthetics: CMW Series speakers feature premium black matte finish paper cones and specially designed aesthetics. These speakers not only provide outstanding sound performance but also add style and personality to your vehicle's interior.
  4. Perfect Audio Balance: CMW Series speakers have linear Conex spiders and linear progression, ensuring audio balance and accuracy. This enables the speakers to reproduce each note with precision, delivering a refined and dynamic music experience.
  5. Durability and Reliability: CMW Series speakers are renowned for their durable materials and high-quality manufacturing processes. Whether at high volumes or for extended use, the CMW Series maintains excellent performance and reliability, providing enduring music enjoyment.

Easy Installation and Compatibility: CMW Series speakers are designed for easy installation in various vehicle audio systems. Whether it's professional installation or DIY installation, the CMW Series seamlessly integrates with your vehicle, offering a hassle-free installation experience.

Mid-Level Subwoofer

Break the boundaries of music and unleash the power of bass! Introducing our range of exceptional car subwoofers, we have the ideal choice for you regardless of your budget. From entry-level to top-of-the-line, our Subwoofer series offers outstanding materials and professional design, delivering an extraordinary sound experience for your vehicle's audio system.

  1. Powerful Bass Performance: Our Subwoofer series delivers powerful bass performance, bringing rich and heart-pounding low frequencies. Whether it's the thundering bass of rock music or the rhythmic beats of electronic music, our speakers reproduce low frequencies with precision for various music genres.
  2. Premium Materials and Manufacturing: Our Subwoofer series utilizes premium materials and meticulous manufacturing processes, ensuring durability and reliability. Whether for high-volume play or prolonged usage, our speakers maintain exceptional performance.
  3. Professionally Designed Voice Coil and Diaphragm: Our Subwoofer series features professionally designed voice coils and diaphragms, providing clear and accurate sound performance. These designs ensure balanced sound quality and rich details, immersing you in the depth and finesse of music.
  4. Versatile Installation and Compatibility: Our Subwoofer series offers multiple installation options, easily adapting to various vehicle audio systems. Whether professionally installed or DIY, our speakers provide convenient and perfect installation experiences.
  5. Ideal Choices within Budget Consideration: With our Subwoofer series, we offer choices within different price ranges to accommodate your budget. Whether you have budget constraints or seek exceptional quality, we have the ideal speaker selection that delivers outstanding sound within a reasonable price range.
  6. Key Component for a Captivating Music Experience: Subwoofers are the key component for creating a captivating music experience. Whether you're seeking detailed music reproduction, the feel of a live concert, or the energetic beats of music, our Subwoofer series provides an immersive and engaging music experience.
  7. Elegant Design and Compatibility: Our Subwoofer series is known for its elegant design and compatibility, seamlessly blending into the interior design of your vehicle. Whether your vehicle style is luxurious, sporty, or classic, our speakers offer exquisite sound and visual highlights.
  8. Highly Adjustable Volume and Tone: Our Subwoofer series offers highly adjustable volume and tone, allowing you to customize the bass effects according to your preferences and music style. Whether you seek intense and impactful bass or refined and balanced sound, our speakers meet your needs.
  9. Professional Support and After-Sales Service: We provide professional support and after-sales service, ensuring your satisfaction during the selection, installation, and usage processes. We are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience, providing you peace of mind in choosing and using our Subwoofers.

Ultimate Enjoyment of Premium Sound Quality: Whether you seek perfect music quality or the immersive sensation of bass, our Subwoofer series offers the ultimate enjoyment of premium sound quality. Choose our speakers to optimize your vehicle's audio system and transform each listening session into a musical feast.

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Size 12″
Impedance (ohm) Dual 4 ohm
Cone material Black matte finish pressed paper
Surround material Butyl rubber
Voice coil 2” high temperature ASV
Ideal sealed box volume (cu ft / liter) 0.9 / 25.48
Ideal ported box volume (cu ft / liter) 1.75 / 49.55
Port diameter (inch / mm) 4 / 101.6
Port length (inch / mm) 8.75 / 222.3
Dual voice coil Yes
Sensitivity (1W / 1mm) 91 dB
Frequency response 33 Hz – 1.8 kHz
RMS (watts) 400
Peak power handling (watts) 800
Mounting depth (inch / mm) 5.55 / 141
Vas (cu ft / liter) 7.2 ohm: 2.330 / 65.99
Resonant frequency (Hz) 7.2 ohm: 33.132
QTS (Hz) 7.2 ohm: 0.482
Xmax (inch / mm) 7.2 ohm: 0.404/10.25

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