Revolutionize Your Sound with Cadence Beastly Subwoofers

Experience the Pinnacle of Bass Performance with the Beast Series

Experience the unparalleled power of Cadence Sound's Beast Series Subwoofers - BM, WB, and BT. Designed for true audiophiles, these subwoofers offer an immersive auditory adventure, bringing exceptional bass that you can feel. Elevate your audio journey with the Beast Series, where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched performance.

QRS Series: The Apex of Automotive Audio Excellence

Embark on an Unparalleled Auditory Journey with Cadence's Flagship Speakers

Meet the QRS Series from Cadence - the pinnacle of car audio innovation. Expertly crafted for audiophiles, these flagship speakers redefine automotive sound with unparalleled depth and clarity. Experience a concert hall on wheels with the QRS Series.

QRS Series Amplifier: Unleashing Sonic Excellenc

Your Gateway to Professional-Grade Audio

Explore the QRS Series Amplifier, a high-efficiency audio masterpiece. With versatile adjustments and robust protection, it delivers a powerful and pure listening experience for every musical journey.

XT Series: Elevating High-Frequency Finesse

Discover Purity of Sound with Cadence XT Tweeters

Discover the XT Series Tweeters by Cadence, spanning XT20 to XT65. Each model promises exceptional audio with RMS/Peak Power up to 65/130 Watts and frequency response up to 25kHz. Experience unparalleled clarity and dynamic range, finely tuned for high-frequency perfection.

Fell the Roar of Subwoofer Cadence ML Series Up to 50%off

Feel the Roar of Subwoofer Up to 50% off

Powerful and Reliable QR & QR9 Series

Powerful and Reliable QR & QR9 Series

Pro Audio Mid-Range

Upgrade Your Sound System with Entry-Level Car Audio Shop for perfect Replacement.

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We Set No Limits

Cadence Sound started in the 80’s in New Jersey where we began our journey in the Audio Industry. Today, our USA headquarters reside in City of Industry, CA where we work with our OEM sister factory as a worldwide premier manufacturer of electronics and speakers for Mobile, Pro, Marine, Power Sport, and Home Audio.

Cadence Sound saw a shortage of quality sound being supplied in the industry, where quality was drowned out by who’s the loudest. At Cadence Sound, we pride ourselves on producing quality electronics that not only fill the room, but also keep the caliber of your sound superior.

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