“Beast 12 subwoofer was the best sounding sub in a small enclosure I have ever heard.”
– Cabe – PIMP my Ride / Car Audio Reimagined, IL

“I used 3 Cadence US8D2 woofers in a custom-built box, these 3 woofers had an amazing deep rich bass. They won’t disappoint.”
– Julio – JM Kustomz, Garland TX

“I replaced a Blown Rockford T12 woofer with a Cadence Wild Beast 12” and couldn’t believe how much deeper and louder it was.”
– Henry – Custom Audio Designs, Walnut CA

“These US12D4 woofers have great Bass and at a great price for my clients.” 
– Fabian – F&S Electronics, Las Vegas NV

“I am very pleased about Cadence product. I purchased cadence amplifier Q5001D 1260 watts, equalizer, and mounted kit and wired… The sound is amazing… The eq does perfectly it’s work and the kit is very professional and high quality. I highly recommend it.” 
– Stephane Steph St Pierre (customer)

“I have been using Cadence products on my custom builds and the sound is very impressive and my clients love the brand” 
– Joe C. – California Upholstery, Los Angeles, CA

“The QR amps and US woofers have been very easy to sell and gives my customers the base and reliability they’re looking for with great prices” 
– Edgar G. – Unique Audio, CA

“Cadence entry-level cue series are priced like entry-level, but they are far from it. They sound amazing.” 
– Joe K. – Main Sound, Santa Ana, CA

“Cadence Pro Audio is the best performing pro audio products I have ever used! I highlyrecommend it!”
– Rene C. – Audio Centro, Puerto Rico

“The QR1000.1 is an excellent amp. I had it installed in a customer’s car as a replacement, and the customer stated that his bass sounded louder and deeper with this Cadence amp.” 
– Peyton – P6 Performance & Audio, CA

“The US12 woofers are one of the best subwoofers I have ever heard. They are the best bang for the buck! Amazing bass!”
– Brian – Infinite Audio Design, CA