Cadence Sound has hit the Marine and Power sports season running with some new items for 2017.

(06/06/2017).“Our Marine product has done extremely well for us over the past four years and this year will not be any different-we are here to make our mark in the industry,” said Enrique Avalos, Sales & Marketing Manager for Cadence Sound. “The SeAqua Series of Marine products continue our dedication to bringing thrilling new reliable product built to surpass everyone’s expectations. We continually strive to bring you new products that will impress you each and every time you turn on the power”.

Cadence Products have been designed and Fabricated with true Marine grade engineering, being fully Marinized against Salt & Freshwater conditions from our epoxy coated components, to conformal coating PCB boards and weather resistant Polymer enclosures that are UV Coated to protect against the harshest of conditions.  By replicating prolonged UV exposure, simulating the humid saltwater environment, and rigorously testing for the thermal shock to imitate sudden changes in temperature, Cadence ensures that its SeAqua products can withstand the rigors of the harsh environments season after season.

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