Cadence Sound is pleased to announce that the new QUBE12VP High-Performance enclosures are shipping.

(08/11/2017).Cadence Sound’s new High-Performance Enclosures are designed to deliver a deep and powerful bass experience and high output. The new QUBE12VP Slot Ported Enclosure combines high power handling and small enclosure requirements, making a compact bass system that is capable of impressive output with minimal to moderate amplification. Recommended power handling is 250-500 watts.

The new QUBE Enclosure incorporates a slot port designed to provide the necessary surface area and port length to maximize the performance of the Cadence driver, wrapping around the back and top of the enclosure and has its opening right above the subwoofer. The QUBE12VP has been carefully engineered to the optimum ported alignment and has been tuned for optimum frequency response.  The QUBE12VP is made of high-quality MDF construction with a durable 5/8-inch wood construction designed to reduce vibration which can affect the performance of the subwoofer. Adding to the design and flare of the enclosures, the Aviation-grade black carpet and Cadence embroidered logo give the QUBE12VP an aggressive, custom look. The QUBE is also available in a 10” model, the QUBE10VP.

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