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7 Band Paragraphic Equalizer Subwoofer Crossover

Vehicle interiors have always challenged high fidelity audio reproduction. High frequency reflections off windows and over damping of bass on cloth interiors can make even the best speakers sound shrill and dust. Cadence signal processors are the very best at correcting these anomalies! They provide sonic precision, flexibility, and control, allowing you to fine-tune your audio system to the particular acoustics of your vehicle’s interior.

• Band 1 Center: 40Hz Bass
• Band 2 Center: 100Hz Mid Bass
• Band 3 Center: 275Hz Upper Bass
• Band 4 Center: 700Hz Midrange
• Band 5 Center: 2 kHz Mid / High
• Band 6 Center: 5 kHz Tweeter
• Band 7 Center: 14 kHz Super Tweeter
• Equalization Control: 18dB Boost / Cut
• Frequency Response: 10Hz – 50 kHz
• LP X-Over Frequency: 32Hz – 320Hz @ 18dB
• S/N Ratio: 105dB
• Maximum Output: 7 Volts
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 22” x 9.25” x 2.5”
• Full aircraft-style night illumination

This series of Cadence Parametric and Pargraphic Equalizers integrates signal line drivers with equalization and crossover functions, combining them all into one unit. Cadence signal processors create clean, noise-free, high voltage signals while conserving valuable interior space and installation time

MP3 mini jack front panel input with independent volume control. Integrates signal driver with subwoofer crossover and equalization functions into one unit. The subwoofer control features a double shaft design; the outer knob controls the frequency while the inner knob controls the gain. The 7-Volt Line Driver operates for all channels via fully isolated PWM Power Supply. Variable +/- 18dB Boost / Cut control at each equalizer frequency.

Warranty Information

Cadence products are covered by warranty from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year if the unit is not installed by an authorized Cadence dealer and two years if installed by an authorized Cadence dealer. Proof of purchase is required for warranty repair; and proof of professional install for two year extended warranty. Warranty is to the original purchaser only. All products not under warranty are subject to a repair charge.