DSP 4.8

Digital Signal Processor (32 bit Core DSP)

Series Digital Signal Processor
Long Description

Digital Signal Processor (32 bit Core DSP)


Type of Equalizer:  Digital Parametric
Equalizer Bands: 16 band
Speaker Level Inputs: Yes
Total Number of Outputs:  8


The DSP is a 32 bit, with 24 bit/192 K Hz AD and DA Convertors. All functions and controls are easy using the CADENCE DSP 4.8 Software

Cirrus Logic powered 32 Bit Core / 192kHz Digital Signal Processor
Output level per Channel: 0 to -40dB of attenuation
4 Onboard Memory locations to save your settings
Signal Delay per channel: 0 to 15ms in 0.05ms Increments
Integrated 105dB Dynamic Range, -98dB THD+N Analog-to-Digital converter
Phase Control per Channel: 0 or 180°
Crossover selections: Full Range, High Pass, Low Pass or bandpass
30V MAX 4-channel High Level / Speaker Level Input
Selectable Crossover Slope: 6dB to 48dB per Octave
8V MAX AUX RCA Input Voltage
Continuously Variable Crossover Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
192khz S/PDIF Optical Digital Input
16 band Parametric Equalizer for each channel
192khz S/PDIF Coaxial Digital Input
Continuously variable EQ center frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
8 Channel RCA Output
EQ level: +12dB Boost / -18dB
Up to +12dB / -40dB Master Input Level
EQ Filter Q Adjustment: 0.5-9 for each Band

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P52 DSP4.8
P52 DSP4.8


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