CEQ 777 (7 Volt Line Driver)

CEQ777 4 Band Parametric Equalizer with 7V Line Driver

Series CEQ Series
High Control 20 KHz
Mid Control 2 KHz
Mid Base 200 Hz
Bass Control 40 Hz
Eqalization Control Boost/Cut 9 dB
THD <0.05%
Long Description

CEQ777 4 Band Parametric Equalizer with 7V Line Driver


High Control  20 kHz
Mid Control  2 kHz
Mid-Bass Control  200Hz
Bass Control  40Hz
Equalization Control  Boost/Cut 9dB
Frequency Response  40Hz – 250Hz
THD  < 0.05%
S/N Ratio  > 95dB
Max Output Level  7 Volts RMS
Dimensions (L x W x H)  6.984″ x 4.25″ x 1.125″


• Active gain equalizer with adjustable input sensitivity
• Master volume control with up to 7 volts RMS of output
• Individual left and right sensitivity controls
• Four band parametric equalizer with 9dB boost/cut
• USB 2.0 full speed host function
• On-board 30V bipolar switching power supply
• Subwoofer level control
• Adjustable subwoofer frequency
• Gold-plated RCA input / output connectors
• Input MAIN / AUX select switch
• Night illumination
• Specific bandwidth for each band plus high frequency shelving
• Equalizer line driver
• Front / rear outputs with fader control
• Adjustable subwoofer frequency (40Hz – 250Hz)
• Separate subwoofer frequency and level controls
• Center-dented boost/cut controls for each band
• Independent left and right input gain adjustments

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