CEQ 735

CEQ735 Singnal Processor

Singnal Processor
Series CEQ Series
Band 1 50 Hz
Band 2 125 Hz
Band 3 315 Hz
Band 4 750 Hz
Band 5 2.2 KHz
Band 6 6K Hz
Product Short Description Singnal Processor
Long Description

CEQ735 Singnal Processor


Band 1: 50 Hz

Band 2: 125 Hz

Band 3: 315 Hz

Band 4: 750 Hz

Band 5: 2.2 KHz

Band 6: 6 KHz

Band 7: 16KHz

Eqalization Control: +/- 12dB

Subwoofer Crossover: 60 Hz/90 Hz 12 dB/oct.

Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 KHz (-1 dB)

THD: 0.02%(1 KHz@1 Volt)

S/N ratio: >95 dB

Maximum Output: 9 volts RMS

Dimensions: 7″ x 4.5″ x 1.18″


The CEQ-735 provides the adjustments and the controls to get the most from your stereo system. The automotive environment provides a challenging place to achieve good sound quality and the equalizer and subwoofer crossover controls with fader and master volume level controls work together to overcome these common problems.The controls are easy to use with backlighting and rubber covered knobs. The adjustable input sensitivity allows you to match the level of both main and auxiliary inputs,

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P51 CEQ735
P51 CEQ735


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