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Q: If I purchase CADENCE equipment online, do I get a warranty?
A: You MUST purchase our product from an authorized Cadence dealer for the factory warranty to be valid. Click here for a list of authorized online retailers.
Q: How do I send my equipment in for repair?
A: Please fill out our Return Authorization Form. Once completed, either email or fax us your copy of the form for a RA Number. When you receive your RA number you can send your product in for repair.
Q: If my equipment is discontinued, can I still get it repaired?
A: It is our policy to offer service on products as long as parts are available. If you are unsure, you can always Contact Us.
Q: How much does it cost to fix (X) product if it is out-of-warranty?
A: Service costs vary depending on the product and extent of repair.
Q: How can I get sponsored?
A: Please fill out our Sponsorship Request Form located underour Customer Support section for more details.