(06/13/2017) City of Industry, CA. Cadence Sound is pleased to announce the new High Powered Loaded Subwoofer enclosures are shipping.

The all new FXB105VA (10”) and FXB125VA (12”) 350 watt RMS models are the perfect all-in-one solutions for adding deep powerful bass in a simple package

If you need to add bass to your system and don’t want to add an additional amplifier, the Cadence FXB105VA and FXB125VA just want you to need. The FXB Series feature either an ULTRA DRIVE 10” or 12” subwoofer in a custom ported enclosure powered by a powerful Class D 350 Watt amplifier. Both enclosures are made of high-quality MDF construction with a durable 5/8-inch wood construction designed to reduce vibration which can affect the performance of the subwoofer. Adding to the design and flare of the ported enclosures, the Aviation-grade black carpeted covering, and Cadence embroidered logo to give the enclosures an aggressive, custom look.

The system is an all-in-one solution when adding bass to a factory system, or a simple upgrade to save space.

You only need to run power, ground, and signal to get everything up and moving. Included with the Active models is a remote level control so you can control your enclosure level from the front of the vehicle.

Also, new in the series is the FXB105VP and FXB125VP with the same quality and features, but without the built-in amplifier, making it an ideal choice for customers who already have an amplified system and just want to add more powerful bass.

MSRP for the FXB105VA is $299.99, FXB125VA is $339.99, FXB105VP is $219.99 and FXB125VP is $239.99.

For more information, please visit or contact us at (626) 465-3383.

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