(06/07/2017) Industry, CA. Cadence Sound is pleased to announce that it is now shipping its FSB Series of Enclosures.

The FSB Series of enclosures is an all in one solution for customers looking for a Slim Line enclosure with or without built in power.

The FSB series consists of two amplified models: the FSB10SA and FSB12SA. And two passive models: the FSB10SP and FSB12SP.

The FSB10SA and FSB12SA feature our High Output SL subwoofer, a 250 Watt RMS Mono Class D amplifier in a specifically designed sealed enclosure. The new enclosure delivers a deep bass response using our SL subwoofer currently in our lineup and makes upgrading a vehicle’s audio performance quick and cost effective. Included with the Active models is a remote level control so you can control your enclosure level from the front of the vehicle.  The slim design is ideal for behind the seats in pickup trucks and mounting in small or limited spaces.

The FSB10SP and FSB12SP feature all the quality as our Active models, but without an amplifier, making it an ideal choice for customers who already have an amplifier and just want to add some extra bass.

All enclosures feature Aviation grade carpet with the Cadence Embroidered logo and a subwoofer grill with the Cadence Wings logo.

MSRP is 269.99 for the FSB10SA, 299.99 for the FSB12SA, 159.99 for the FSB10SP and 189.99 for the FSB12SP.

For more information contact Cadence Sound at (626) 465-3383 or visit

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