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New Product


2-Way 24dB SQ Signal Processor with 9 Volt Line Driver

The CVL2XR is Cadence’s newest signal processor with a host of features typically found only in high-end home audiophile units. The unit features to independent 24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley HP and LP crossovers, single input level control, and dual independent output level controls for both HP and LP. Cadence exclusive Digital Image Processing function creates an open, transparent sound stage with depth and clarity, while avoiding any discoloration of the music. Your sound stage will move from the lowest depth of your vehicle’s interior to ear level center stage, immersing you in sound. The dual large frequency control knob features a click tactile response with accurate discrete frequency selections for absolutely accurate frequency selection in the range of 2000Hz to 5000Hz. Innovative features abound; Cadence’s exclusive Bass Focus® control, which when used in conjunction with the adjustable subsonic filter, compensates for inadequately small woofer enclosures and lifts and enhances the sound stage of smaller speakers. The CVL2XR also features dual Left and Right Delay controls with individual Red LED Clip Indicators. As far as signal processors go, the CVL2XR is the most advanced signal processor on the market today and is self-powered, featuring a fully isolated DC to DC power supply, which boasts a 9 volt line driver signal. The units feature Tiffany Style High-End RCA connections jacks.

• THD&N:
• Input Range for 9V Output: 0.2v – 9V
• Output Impedance: 100 Ohm
• Input Impedance: 30 kOhm
• SNR, A-weighted: 83dB
• Combined Frequency Response: 10Hz – 53 kHz
• Separation: >60dB
• Channel Balance:
• Delay Variation: 0 – 300°
• HP and LP Frequency Ranges: 2 kHz – 5 kHz
• HP and LP Frequency Slope: 24dB / Octave
• Subsonic Filter Range: 10Hz – 250Hz
• Subsonic Filter Slope: 12dB / Octave
• Bass Focus Rumble Boost: +7dB Max
• Fuse: 0.5 amp
• Ground Isolation: 1 kOhm

• Programmable Crossover with 24dB per Octave Slopes
• Tactile Feel Fully Adjustable Frequency Controls
• Left & Right Adjustable Delay Controls
• Sound Stage Digital Image Processor
• Bass Focus® Control
• 9-Volt Line Driver
• Fully Isolated DC-DC Power Supply
• Adjustable Subsonic Filter
• Left & Right Output Level Controls with CLIP Indicators

Warranty Information

Cadence products are covered by warranty from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year if the unit is not installed by an authorized Cadence dealer and two years if installed by an authorized Cadence dealer. Proof of purchase is required for warranty repair; and proof of professional install for two year extended warranty. Warranty is to the original purchaser only. All products not under warranty are subject to a repair charge.