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CSX12 Mark II

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New Product

12" Home Theater Subwoofer

Cabinet Specifications:
• Hand Polished Gloss Black Piano Finish Front Baffle
• ¾” High Density MDF Fiber Construction
• Bonded and Braced at All Critical Joints, Engineered to Dampen and Eliminate All Vibration for Transparent and Accurate Bass Reproduction
• Front Firing Subwoofer with “Computer Tuned Bass-Reflex Port System”
• Black Wood Gain Cabinet Finish with Spiked Footings and Floor Protection Casters

Subwoofer Specifications:
• High Power 12” Subwoofer
• 2” Four-Layer DuPont Kapton Voice Coil Former
• 90 oz Heavy Duty Magnet Motor Structure
• Extended Pole Piece Technology
• Vented and Extended Magnet Back Plate
• Double Laminated Surround and Dual Spider Suspension System
• Cabinet / Woofer Frequency Response: 25 – 250Hz

Amplifier Specifications:
• Built-in Linear Class A 450 Watt Dynamic Power Amplifier
• RMS Amplifier Power: 225 Watts @
• Subwoofer Multi-Link with Master / Slave Control for Subwoofer Daisy Chaining
• High Current Output Stage Utilizing 6 Ring Emitter Technology Sanken Studio Grade Japanese Transistors
• Lowest Mains Buzz of Any Subwoofer on the Market, Guaranteed!
• High Damping Factor: >400 @ 80Hz for Superior Subwoofer Control
• 33K Ohm Input Impedance which Prevents Input Signal Loss and Ensures Distortion Free Signal Transfer
• High Grade, Minimal Loss, Tiffany Style Low Level RCA Input Jacks
• Auto Start Turn-On / Turn-Off with Audio Signal 1mV Sensitivity
• Fully Adjustable Phase Control 0° - 180°
• Fully Adjustable Low Pass Subwoofer Crossover Frequency Control: 40Hz – 120Hz @ 12dB per Octave
• Fully Adjustable Bass Boost Equalizer 0dB to +12dB @ 50Hz
• Independent Sub Bass Volume Control
• Crossover Bypass Switch for Full Range Unit Operation Option with External Crossover
• Slew Rate 80 Volts per uS in Full Range
• Amplifier Frequency Response: 10 – 120Hz +/-3dB LP (10Hz – 500Hz Bypass)
• Signal / Noise Ratio: >110dB+
• LED Power On Indicator
• 110 / 220 Voltage Selector
• Cabinet Size (W x D x H): 17.75” x 18.25” x 20” (450 x 460 x 510mm)
• Unit Weight: 67.25 lbs / 30.5 kg
• 2 Year Warranty


"The CSX-12 Mark II is the first $400 sub I’ve heard that gave me the “thrill ride” effect I like to experience when I watch action movies. It gives home theater fanatics that gut punch they crave, and it gives audiophiles the definition and precision they want."

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