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Cap 50F

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Cap 50F

New Product

Why does your system need a power capacitor?
Today’s car audio amplifiers need huge amounts of current. Often a vehicle’s electrical system is unable to provide it. With your car’s air conditioning running, the factory electrical charging system may already be operating at only 70% of full capacity. When a bass note hits or when playing your system very loudly, there may not be enough electrical energy to power your amplification system properly causing your music to sound strained and distorted. Cadence capacitors are designed to store enough electrical current and to release this energy extremely fast due to their superior design and low internal resistance. In addition, as quick as your amplifier needs a new current surge, your Cadence capacitor will provide it. This continuous cycle of power discharge and recharge guarantees flawless bass playback. Cadence capacitors come with a two-year warranty*.

50 Farad, 16V Stiffening Capacitor 

• Remote turn on for Display's

• 50 Farad/16 Volt Stiffening Capacitor with 24 Volt Surge Capacity
• Digital Monitoring ( Voltage and Amperage )
• Top mounted Display and Logic Circuitry
• IC-controlled Circuitry, automatically alrams when voltage is above 16 volts or under 10 volts
• Blue LED Digital Voltage Display
• Blue Led Amperage Display
• IC Controlled circuitry with negative polarity built-in protection
• Dimensions (L x W x H) 11.954" x 6.25" x 2.531"

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Warranty Information

Cadence capacitors come with a two-year warranty, except in the event where the vent is blown or leaking due to reverse polarity hook-up or the capacitor has stripped screws or terminals.