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Hands On: Cadence Sound QRS6K3 Car Audio Component System Posted on Mar 10 2014 - 4:42pm by Ben Oaks

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Hands On: Cadence Sound QRS6K3 Car Audio Component System

We spend hours a day in our vehicles. Going to work, taking kids to school, sports, cheer leading, dinner, dates, movies, the list goes on and on. We fill our houses with TV’s, Surround Sound, and other high-end electronics to make us more comfortable and enjoy our time. Why don’t we do that in our vehicles? Thanks to Cadence Sound you can now have those luxuries in your vehicle for while you’re on the go. For this review, we have the Cadence Sound 3 Way QRS6K3 Component System .

The QRS6K3 is a 3 piece component system featuring a Tweeter, Mid-Range Speaker, Woofer, and Passive Crossover. With these 3 speakers you can upgrade your vehicles audio to a quality you rarely hear. This system was used to upgrade my Bose Audio System in my Chevy.

Let’s start out with the materials used to make this system. The Tweeters are made with Silk Domes with a Neodymium motor. The 2″ Mid-Range has a woven Kevlar Fiber cone and a High Temperature Kapton voice coil. All the speakers have custom molded grills. The grill on the Mid-range speakers are metal while the Tweeter and Woofer are made from plastic. Mounting hardware is also included. Depending on the type of vehicle you are replacing speakers in, you may need adapters to go from the factory mounting location/size to the size of the Cadence Speakers. For me, the size of the mid-range and woofer were just right and fit with no modifications needed. For the Tweeter, I used the included mounting accessories to mount them to my A post at the angle I wanted. Thanks to multiple brackets, you can customize the fit for your vehicle.

The passive crossover is set up with screw connections to connect both the speaker wire in, and the wires out to the components. All connections are clearly marked so there is no guessing as to what wire goes where. The crossovers have setting for either low or high pass filtering and adjusting the tweeters anywhere from -3db to 0 to +3db and a Tweeter Phase shift from 0 Degrees to 180 Degrees.

The speakers are rated for 100 Watts RMS per speaker with a PEAK power of 200 Watts/speaker and 500 Watt for the system

With a component system and crossover, the sounds are divided between the individual speakers, this way the correct sounds are sent to each speaker, so the sound is produced with the highest fidelity. You don’t have to worry about a speaker getting sounds that it is not designed to produce. No longer do you have to deal with a tinny sound from the high notes and your bass cutting out.

The QRS6K3 is designed so that it works well as an upgrade to your factory set up but works even better with an amplifier. With the high power handling capabilities you can have a decently amplified car audio system that is not only loud, but also very clear.

During testing there was no noticeable distortion of the high notes that you might get from an all-in one speaker. The mid-range was also well reproduced for the same reason. The woofer had a well-defined upper range bass tone with no distortion or popping.

Over all the Cadence Sound QRS6K3 Component system is a great upgrade that almost any car could benefit from. With great build quality, crossovers that work well both with an amplifier and without, this is an excellent option to look at for your automobile.

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