Make sure you are getting the best Performance and Customer Service. Buy Cadence Car Audio products only from authorized Cadence Suppliers.

Cadence Car Audio products are only sold through Auhorized online retailers are


If you purchase Cadence products from Unauthorized Dealers/Online/eBay Retailers, please be advised: Warranties will not be honored. We will not be honoring any warranty claim(s) from products purchased from these internet sellers.

  • Beach Audio
  • JB Tools
  • Foundry 35
  • E&B Electronics
  • HPP Enterprises
  • The Twister Group
  • Discount Slashers
  • Amazing Deals
  • Etailz
  • Corgi Lamps
  • Unbeatable Sale
  • IPC Store
  • Express Goods
  • House Deal
  • Car Audio Closeout
  • 12 Voltronics
  • My Audio Empire

We want you to fully enjoy Cadence Car Audio products and to get the best possible service available. Buying from Authorized dealers guarantees you:

  1. Genuine Cadence Products
  2. The Support of trained, professional installers.
  3. Excellent warranty service-if needed.
  4. Excellent customer support from Cadence and your Dealer.
  5. Top value for your money

If you have any questions or concerns about our new policies, please contact Rick Andersen or Enrique Avalos or visit for more.


who we are

Whether you are an SPL boomer or sound quality fanatic, our mission at Cadence has always been to build products that make your audio system perform at its absolute best.

Over the past 20 years, Cadence has earned a reputation among car audio lovers for truly original designs and innovations. Our business has grown exponentially with distribution in over 20 countries worldwide.

Our pledge to you is: to take extraordinary measures, to create extraordinary products, to set no limits. We will serve you with a consuming passion - and that's what separates Cadence from the rest.